Hi, I’m B

Welcome to my scrapbook and my family album –  my place to store memories, recipes and photographs.


I love to read about the everyday stuff of other people’s lives – the trivial things are often the most interesting. This blog is a tool to remind me to notice and capture the joy to be found in the small details.

I spend my time growing things; knitting (badly); eating and cooking good food; running on the trails; fussing dogs; rearing two little children and studying law.  I am rather obsessed with Scandinavia, especially Denmark.

I love to travel but I also believe we are missing a trick if we only look outside for the wonder, so I put a lot of effort into finding it closer to home too.

Heaven is:

  • Radio 4 at my greenhouse potting bench;
  • 85% dark chocolate;
  • lingering dinners with plenty of wine;
  • a pair of opaque black tights;
  • daffodils in the spring;
  • a snoozing dog on my lap;
  • a scorching hot black coffee in a nice mug;
  • cups of tea in bed.
  • *2021 UPDATE* I wrote this list before I had children – these days I’d take a trip to the loo without any interruptions with gratitude!

I have always blogged and I love looking back. I hope you enjoy!